Here is a rundown of selected developments that have come across desks over the weekend.



Janet Yellen’s speech on the global economic recovery at FRB San Francisco.

History of “BRICin the news.  See our previous coverage here.



Latin America and Caribbean countries from bloc without U.S.Canada.


Central Asia

Foreign AffairsThe Silk Road Out of Afghanistan: Building an Economy to Save the Country.


East & South Asia

China can’t rescue Europe using reserves, vice foreign minister says.

China UnicomTelecom, ask regulators to suspend antimonopoly probe.

Mainland buyers ride to rescue in Hong Kong.

Australia agrees to sell uranium to India.

Hillary Clinton meets with Aung San Suu Kyi.


Middle East & Africa

Energy firms bid in South Africa for $12bn in renewable projects.

New election results show Islamists leading in Egypt.

Syrian secret police defect as Arab deadline looms.