Last week on Edge, Brian Eno wrote a piece on Composers as Gardeners.

So for me, this was really a new paradigm of composing.  Changing the idea of the composer from somebody who stood at the top of a process and dictated precisely how it was carried out, to somebody who stood at the bottom of a process who carefully planted some rather well-selected seeds, hopefully, and watched them turn into something.

This is reminiscent of one theory of creative inception put forth by Dean Keith Simonton in The Origins of Genius.  Those whom we recognize as great artists or composers are also among the most prolific.  Their higher production level lead to a faster learning process.  But more important is that their prolificness increases the probability of one of their memes.

This idea of complexity is not limited to music, as Eno connects his musical experience with cybernetics and chaos theory.  In Kevin Kelly’s piece on How technology evolves (see below), he talks about the increasing diversity of technology.  Our increasing sophistication is not a linear, deterministic process; rather, it is an exponentially complex mess.

Featured Photo Credit: flickr/matsuyuki