This is a rundown of what we think are the most interesting political stories to come across our desks on this day, the 17th of November.

GOP flavor of the month

The contract for Newt Gingrich’s GOP nomination (right) has rallied on Intrade in the past few weeks, now surpassing Herman Cain.  The chattering classes seem skeptical.  The Economist has this take on it: “After Mr Dopey and Mr (too) Friendly, Mr Grumpy gets his turn.”  CBS News called him “most unlikely.”  The Independent used that “Top Gear” staple, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Occupy Wall Street on the campaign trail?

Another interesting read is a piece from one of The Economist’s Iowa City-based correspondent W.W., “Time to participate in democracy.”  But this part seems like a good repartee to not only the Occupy Movement, but also the Tea Party.

There is something profoundly satisfying about believing that one’s own team alone has seen through the fog of disinformation and propaganda to the real truth about the treacherous interests that stand between our condition and the reign of justice. And there is something terrifically exciting about the sense, often engendered by visible protest movements, that one’s own team is growing, that its narrative is catching on. Conversely, there is something profoundly dissatisfying, and a little bit demoralising, in acknowledging that most people will never accept many of ones’ most ardently-held convictions, and that, therefore, none of us will ever get to live in a society that closely matches, or even roughly approximates, our beloved ideals. But it’s true all the same. And it’s true all the same that our actual democracy, for all its problems, does about as well as democracy can be realistically expected to do, given the size and diversity of this country. Frankly, we’re pretty lucky our democracy works as well as it does. There’s a great deal we can do to make it a little better, but there’s very little we can do to make it a lot better, because we’ll almost never agree enough about the really big stuff.

Well, that and Federalist No. 10.

Featured Photo Credit: flickr/Cliffski