Morning Update
  1. Manhattan below 34th street river-to-river is dark
  2. 80% of Atlantic City was underwater last night
  3. Only the Lincoln Tunnel is operational at the moment (NY1).
  4. There are no concerns about the quality of supply of tap water in Manhattan at this point. The main concern is that the water towers are empty if you have no power. Typically, gravity pushes water to the 6th floor. Taller buildings need pumps (NY1)
  5. One more round of high tides this morning (NY1)
  6. KJRB’s (Wall St Heliport’s) WX AWOS-3: 128.175 (212-425-1534) is still down on my end. METARs at KJFK, KLGA, and KTEB are giving sensor failures:
  7. The crane on 57th Street was a self-erecting crane and would have taken 2 weeks to bring down (NY1)
  8. MTA Damage (NYT)
    1. “As of last night, seven subway tunnels under the East River flooded. Metro-North Railroad lost power from 59th Street to Croton-Harmon on the Hudson Line and to New Haven on the New Haven Line.
      The Long Island Rail Road evacuated its West Side Yards and suffered flooding in one East River tunnel.
      The Hugh L. Carey Tunnel is flooded from end to end and the Queens Midtown Tunnel also took on water and was closed. Six bus garages were disabled by high water.”
  9. Usually when there is a storm, utilities have a mutual aid agreement, but everyone is busy with their own problem, with wind damage reported from Maine to Illinois to the Carolinas (NY1). >200k customers in Manhattan out of power, but a building counts as one customer. (NY1)
  10. Some trivia: NY1’s live pictures from the floor of the NYSE (which is dry and has power) come from a robot
  11. 50 homes destroyed in Far Rockaway (WNBC)
  12. NYU Langone hospital backup power failed (CNN)
  13. No casualties from the transformer surge to the ConEd substation on 14th & FDR (NY1)
Reports from last night
  1. JFK & LGA were expected to be flooded given they were on flood plains/at sea level and the FAA was going to check post storm.
  2. The Thames Estuary has flood gates. New York does not. and
  3. 139.7 mph peak wind on the summit of Mt. Washington

Con Ed explosion from TrillianMedia: