I have finally gotten around to reading Who Owns the Future? by Jaron Lanier. It is one of the most compelling treatises about the information age in quite some time. The basic thesis is we need to start reclaiming our information by getting remunerated for it. While his “space elevator pitch” requires an extensive redesign of cyberspace-as-we-know-it, for now, I have decided that the fastest way to begin is to take two small steps:

1) Control your own information by putting it on your own servers.

2) Ameliorate the effects of “Siren Servers” such as Facebook and Twitter by using them to redirect traffic to your own servers.

If the network effect-derived powers of the Siren Servers mean you cannot leave, you might as well figure out a way to partially monetize your own information.

Therefore, henceforth, the urtexts for all my public musings, serious or trivial, less than or greater than 140 characters, shall be housed here at capitalmusings.com. And the goal of all posts on Siren Servers should be to funnel traffic from the Siren Servers to your own servers. Good luck.