Iran-UK kerfuffle echoes 1979

The tensions between Iran and the United Kingdom started escalating when the IAEA published an assessment that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons capability.  In response, the United Kingdom severed ties with Iranian banks.  Then, days ago, the Iranian parliament voted to expel the British ambassador.  Today, the British Embassy in Tehran was stormed by a militia loyal to the Supreme Leader, causing serious damage.

Af-Pak reverberations on missile defense

A recent skirmish along the Afghan-Pakistan border that resulted in the death of 25 Pakistani troops has led Pakistan to cut off NATO’s supply lines into Afghanistan.  Russia is now using this latest development as leverage to pressure NATO to reconsider the deployment of an antimissile system.  Russia has threatened to cut off NATO’s supply lines if the antimissile defense issue escalates.   Russian President Dmitry Medvedev recently visited Kaliningrad to launch a missile defense system that covers Europe and the Atlantic.

South Sudan oil exports blockaded

In other news, Sudan cut off South Sudan’s exports of crude oil.  In January 2011, South Sudan declared independence from Sudan after holding a referendum.

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