Davos 2012: live

He added Germany is “dictating” austerity for the euro area that needs to be offset with an economic stimulus as a “second phase.” 11:55 Speaking from Davos, Mark Spelman, managing director, strategy at Accenture shares insights from a new … Read More

Bankers at Davos gird for more austere times

Leaders of the world’s biggest banks touted the virtues of austerity at the World Economic Forum in Davos — for themselves, not just for over-indebted governments. Many arrived in the Swiss Alps following a year marked by weak revenue … Read More

Davos rolling blog: day 3

Financier George Soros led the way with a warning that German austerity could push Europe into a deflationary … his proposals to overhaul Britain’s financial regulation in Davos. This from the FT’s economics correspondent Norma Cohen … Read More

DAVOS: Europe’s Austerity Message Kills Risk-Taking – Shiller

DAVOS, Switzerland (Dow Jones)–Yale University economist Robert Shiller has a message for German Chancellor Angela Merkel: You are telling the wrong story. Shiller, whose influential pre-financial crisis book “Animal Spirits” explored the … Read More

‘Austerity Disease’ Continues to Infect Europe, Fuel Popular Protest

Back in Davos, where the World Economic Forum is wrapping up its weeklong gathering, critics of austerity continued to press their case. As the Huffington Post reports: Joseph E. Stiglitz, Professor, Columbia University, of the U.S., attends a … Read More

European Leaders Stress The Positive At Davos

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — European financial chiefs are trying to soothe global CEOs and political leaders, insisting they have a handle on the eurozone’s troubles. Germany’s Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble says he’s “quite optimistic … Read More

Davos leaders: Latin America can survive recession

DAVOS, Switzerland — When the developed world sneezes, the old saying goes, Latin America catches a cold. But now, after decades of austerity and reforms, the region’s leaders say their immune systems are in pretty good shape. Latin American … Read More

Citing Europe’s Progress, Merkel Urges Patience

DAVOS, Switzerland — Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany … as she toned down her usual calls for budgetary austerity. “We are not going to resolve this with the wave of a magic wand,” Mrs. Merkel told an audience at the World Economic … Read More

Austerity ‘Does Not Deliver’: HSBC Chief Economist

Austerity alone does not deliver the rewards it is meant to and the threats of stunted economic growth and recession remain high in the euro zone, Stephen King, global chief economist at HSBC told CNBC. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos … Read More

Leaders: Public needs to back austerity

DAVOS, Switzerland (AP) — Cash-strapped governments in Europe must persuade skeptical citizens to accept severe austerity measures if their countries are to recover and thrive in an increasingly tough global economic environment, European … Read More

Photo of Davos. Credit: flickr/World Economic Forum